Waiter Call is a unique communication system which has been developed to improve efficiency in restaurants of every size and style.

    The system consists of a keypad transmitter located in the kitchen, bar or dispense area and a small vibrating pager for each member of the waiting staff.

    When the order is ready the appropriate button on the transmitter is pressed.

    This sends a signal to the waiter’s pager which silently vibrates as the instruction to collect the


    The system supports a single, double or triple vibration pulse.

    These pulses are used to differentiate between

    call types or calls from different locations e.g. bar and kitchen. The system may be constructed for pagers to be called in groups and manager pagers can be called independently of waiter pagers.

    Other features include remote cancel panel, priority call and remote power off pagers.

    Waiter Call will help your restaurant:



    • Spend per head
    • Table turn
    • Speed of service
    • Food quality
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Repeat business
    • PROFIT
    • Waiter time on floor
    • Labour costs (no need for runners)
    • Cold food complaints
    • Food costs
    • Noise from kitchen
    • Kitchen congestion
    • Staff inefficiency

    Bell Technologies provide full on site demonstrations and range surveys for all equipment as well as consultancy on system design, configuration and integration to existing infra-structure.