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provides business with the same telephony standards as with a traditional fixed line system but with the significant benefit of mobility. The Integral DECT system from ANT Telecom may piggy back onto the existing PABX or be installed as a stand alone system. When used in piggy back mode the maximum use of existing equipment is achieved. In stand alone mode, the DECT system provides the complete functionality required of a modern telephone system.

Benefits of DECT:

  • Digital quality telephony on the move
  • Minimises the number of call backs
  • Reduces the need for voicemail
  • Does not require the upgrade of existing telephone system (subject to system specification)
  • May be used by hotel or hospital guests as their private phone throughout the property
  • May be integrated with paging systems
  • Can be integrated with building management systems

Bell Technologies provide full on site demonstrations and range surveys for all equipment as well as consultancy on system design, configuration and integration to existing infra-structure.